Day's Beach Hotel 瑞兆

Countermeasures against the new coronavirus in our hotel

We would like to ask for the cooperation of all Guest.

Visitors with the following conditions may not be allowed to visit

  • Visitors with a fever of 37.5 degrees or higher, cough or other symptoms of a cold
  • Visitors whose family members, employers, schools, etc. are infected with the new coronavirus infection or have the possibility of being infected.
  • Visitors who are not in good health, including but not limited to the above
  • Visitors who have been in Japan for less than 14 days after entering the country from a region subject to entry restrictions under the Immigration Control and Refugee Recognition Act.
  • Reference: Q&A on drastically strengthening waterfront measures (Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare)
  • Please follow cough etiquette such as wearing a mask, and wash and disinfect your hands frequently. Disinfectant solution is available throughout the building for your convenience.

Countermeasures in the Hotel

  • Employees take their body temperature at the beginning of each workday to ensure that they are in good physical condition.
  • All staff members are required to wash their hands and fingers and wear masks.
  • We will take your temperature when you visit the hotel.
  • As a measure against coronavirus, we do not clean the rooms during your stay. (Towels can be changed at the front desk.

About check-in

As a measure to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus, the hotel has adopted a non-personal smart check-in system. 

Based on the check-in information sent to you by e-mail on the day of check-in, you can pick up the key from the key box and check-in yourself using the QR code installed in the room. 

Check-in is unattended, but if you have any questions or requests during your stay, we are always available by phone or chat via the QR code in your room.